Cybersecurity And Governance, Risk And Compliance (GRC)


  • Ishwor Thapa Chhetri


Data Governance, IT GRC frameworks, Cyber security in IT industry, Cyber capabilities, Cyber vulnerabilities, interrelation of GRC with Cyber security


When it comes to cybersecurity, different frameworks, best practices, and standards are used by organization. And these governance documents are most often chosen in accordance with corporate governance requirements or legislative requirements. Controls, cyber breaches history and finances are typically prescribed in governance documents, including technical controls, administrative controls, and physical controls. There are also a number of documents that describe specific capabilities that businesses must develop to secure their cyberspace.i So, from threats to SQL Injection Attacks to Cloud computing, Load balancing and Internet of things that needs cyber protection and the framework that GRC provides for it are all needs to be included with GRC framework while informing about the GRC business benefit to organisation. Thus, the results in this paper should be understanding and evaluating IT GRC implementation to reduce mismanagement and risk and ensure adherance in organizations and it can be only achieved by mitigating outside risks like cyber and network attacks by using means of Application Security, Internet of Things Security, Network Security, Infrastructure security and limiting access to sensitive information, showing the, interrelation of GRC with Cyber security


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