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COBIT5; COBIT5 Framework; Ecommerce


Ecommerce business has been rising as one of the most effective means of carrying out online business, where the primary customers act as the business drivers hoping to get the required product delivered at their home through a few simple steps (Tsagkias, 2021). However, there is a primary requirement of managing the governance of the Ecommerce business structure, which will allow with smoother transition of all the business-related operations in specific terms. As a reason to this, the following document has been prepared in particular to ensure a better understanding of a chosen framework integrated into the Ecommerce business that exists in the modern world.

COBIT5 is a framework that has been effectively chosen for the following discussion, which is to primarily allow with a better understanding of the required business structure that needs to be followed to put forward a better service delivered to every individual customer in specific terms. This stands for Control Objectives for Information Technology and is directly aimed at governance procedures that need to be followed at a specific business.

With respect to this, the following discussion has been carried out to ensure a better understanding of the Governance and Management structures to be implemented at the Ecommerce business with the help of COBIT5 management framework (Soni, 2020). The framework has been applied to every individual section of the chosen business and their likely impact upon the daily business operations carried out in specific terms.


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